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Santa Vitoria
Wine Tourism



All the activity takes place in the Winery: the winemaking, the quality control, the aging, the bottling and the storage.





Designed with a modern, technical and highly functional concept, the winery has been carefully designed and equipped in order to create high quality wines and meet our visitors under the best possible conditions.




The aging of the wine in high quality oak barrels allows the absorption, by the wine, of some of the woods elements (tannins and aromatic compounds), giving it complexity and elegance.

Our best wines age in French oak barrels in a cellar with moisture and temperature control, allowing optimum maturation.



Exhibition Hall

In this room, located above the Winery, you can see what happens in the Winery and watch a film explaining the most important production steps.

Tasting Room

This room, facing west, was designed so you can taste our wines and, simultaneously, enjoy the sunset over the Alentejo plains.