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Santa Vitoria

Wine Cellar

This is where it all happens, where nothing is left to chance: the wine making, quality control, ageing, bottling and storage, tours and wine tasting activities all take place.


Carefully designed and equipped to produce high quality wines, and to provide our visitors with the best tours, in the best conditions, whether for observing the production process or for wine tasting.


It represents for all visitors (professionals and non-professionals) a seductive trip around the winemaking world, and a chance to combine a glass of Santa Vitória wine with the splendid sunset, in an exclusive environment.


Designed according to a modern, hi-tech and extremely functional concept, it has 3 floors:

  • In Floor 1 are the Lab, Admin area, dry material Warehouse, Tasting Room and Exhibition Room.

  • Floor 0 has the Fermentation Vats Area, Storing and Stabilization rooms, the Bottling room, Finished Product Storing Room, Reception and Store.

  • Floor -1 (below ground level) is comprised of the Press Room, a temperature controlled cask Fermentation area, Barrel Ageing Hall and Bottle Ageing Store.



Our best wines are aged in barrels made of French (80%) and American oak (20%), in a moisture- and temperature-controlled cellar, enabling adequate maturing.

The varieties are aged separately in 225 L barrels for 6 months to 2 years, depending on the wine in question. The micro-oxygenation that occurs during this period, through the pores of the wood, contributes to the proper evolution of the wine.

Aging the wine in high quality oak barrels also promotes the transfer of some of the wood elements (tannins and aromatic compounds) to the wine, giving it complexity and elegance.