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Alentejo is a vast region made up of several sub-regions, including Beja, which is located further south than other sub-regions, more specifically to the south of Vidigueira.


Here, we found that we consider to be the ideal conditions to achieve a high standard of quality in the grapes, essential for the production of high quality wines.

The vineyard was planted on the poorer soils, with gentle slopes mostly facing south. The climate is of mild springs and hot summers but with cold nights. These daily temperature variations allow for the grapes to reach an optimum point of ripeness, yet keeping their elegance.

The figures regarding sunlight are very high (approximately 3000 hours/year), particularly in the quarter preceding the harvest, contributing to the perfect ripening of the grapes and quality of the wine.

These are indeed favourable conditions for the synthesis and accumulation of sugars and the concentration of colouring in the grape skins, producing smooth wines, with rich bodies and colour.




The region has a rich and conserved heritage. Ancestors like the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans and the Arabs left a strong agricultural, culinary, historical and architectural heritage.

Roman Remains at the Pisões and Miróbriga Ruins, the walled city of "Évora" 1h away from Beja, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and Beja, Pax Júlia and its Watchtower.



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